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Vine and wine

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2010 allowed the wine growers of the Marmandais to renew a strongly anchored festive tradition:

the organisation of the wine festival.



Organised by the ODG (Organisme de Défense et de Gestion de l’Appellation Marmandais) and supported by the communes of Beaupuy and Cocumont, as well as by the local authorities (VGA – the local administrative area –, the Departmental Council and the Regional Council), this first event of a new era had the merit of bringing together all the players involved in wine production (members of the Cooperative and independent wine-makers) and the institutions in a joint wish to support wine production, a sector which is particularly fragile economically. Organised at Cocumont, around a large local producers’ market and with a high quality artistic programme, this first event was a huge popular success.

The date is already fixed for a Festi Vino "Two" on 30 and 31 July 2011 at Cocumont!


Through the Centuries…

The history of Cocumont has always been intimately linked to that of its vineyards. Around the Old Church, Benedictine monks, builders and winemakers, exploited this land from the 11th century onwards. But it is reasonable to think that wine growing had already developed from the 3rd or 4th century AD. Under the influence of a great expansion of water-borne trade in the valley of the Garonne during the Middle Ages the wines of the "High Country", competitors but complementary to the production of the Bordeaux region, benefitted from the growth of trade with England. The wines of Cocumont reached the port of Bordeaux via the Garonne at Couthures. The areas of wine growing recorded in the commune varied greatly according to the vagaries of the economic situation. From 112 hectares recorded in 1672, the vineyards of the commune reached 630 hectares in 1907!

From the Uncertainties of the 19th century to the miracle of cooperation ...

The phylloxera crisis (1876) did not spare the vineyards of Aquitaine. In the Marmande region, the vineyards were patiently restored. Equally they survived the grave crisis of the overproduction of wine in 1907 but could no longer profit from the label "Bordeaux Wine". From then on the wines of the Marmande region were going to have to make a name for themselves!

In 1955, the label VDQS Côtes du Marmandais was created. On the left bank of the Garonne, Cocumont was the only commune to affirm its wine-producing vocation. Two years later, the Cave de Cocumont (Wine Cooperative) was born.

For more than 40 years it was to be the locomotive of an appellation which would join the prestigious family of the A.O.C on the 2nd of April 1990.



Mergers and Restructuring: the new challenges of the 21st century.


At the dawn of the 21st century, Cocumont had become the premier wine-producing commune in the Marmande region, but more than that, in the Lot-et-Garonne! Here, the vine is everywhere. This patrimony is the result of a mastery of expertise and an exceptional terrain! Several independent winemakers add to the reputation of the appellation. Members of the Cooperative and independents are grouped together under the aegis of the ODG Côtes du Marmandais (organisation for regulation and management).

The municipal council of Cocumont has adopted a new logo and motto: "Cocumont, Terroir d’Aquitaine". The streets of our village take the melodious names of old grape varieties found in the commune before 1960: rue de la Moustousère, rue de la Dame blanche, avenue de la Folle rouge…

But the world-wide wine crisis which has hit wine production hard obliges our appellation to adapt.

In 2004, the Cave of Beaupuy and that of Cocumont merged, giving birth to the Cave du Marmandais. Since 2005, the vineyard has restructured. Some uprooting is trying to provide an answer to the problems created by the crisis (overproduction and over stocking).

In a difficult world-wide economic context, Marmandais wine-production has to ride out the storm. It is obliged to adapt to the demands and the new challenges of this century as it has always been able to do throughout its long and prestigious history….


In 2006, the municipal council of Cocumont wanted to promote this terrain of Cocumont. A 15 minute documentary video was produced about the vineyard, its history and its involvement in the village.


 La vigne toute une histoire
Vidéo : Bernard LATASTE
Textes : Jean-Luc ARMAND
Voix off : Véronique Mattera-Manent, Jodie Manent et Denis Mourguet

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